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Two Lines at One Time Stand up Zip Pouch Bag Making Machine Stand up Bag Making Machine Zipper Bag Making Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.:JDM600-SZProduct Line:Bag Making Machine
Lines:2Voltage:380V, 220V
Seals Mode: Stand up pouch, 3 side sealSpeed:High
Continuous-Rolled:YesSealing & Cutting:Heat-Sealing Cold-Cutting
Layer: multipleMachine Type:Bag Forming Machine, bag making machine
Computerized:Computerized, PLCType:Plastic Bag Making Machine
Package:Plastic Film or Wooden CaseSpecification:CE STANDARD
Main Motor:Servo Motor, PanasonicSpeed Adjust:Inverter Control
Tension:Magnetic Powder TensionUnwinding:Hydraulic Loading
HS Code:84778000Production Capacity:80sets/Year

Product Description

It adopts 6 servo motor with the third traction mechanism to make unwinding as well as the material on the bracket with eternal speed drawn forward successively by the third traction motor to ensure unwinding and its tension steady. The automatic feeding mechanism can reduce the labor strength. The structure of whole machine is sound with exquisite equipment as well as good-looking appearance. It is an ideal equipment at domestic with moderate speed, lower noise, good function.
I. Technical Parameters
Function: 3-side sealing, double standing up bag
Main Electric Device: It is mainly composed of traction tri-servo motor, working control computer touch screen produced in Japan panassonic, its main drive as AC motor equipped with taian inverter from tainwang as well as temperature control 22 routes, eternal tension in unwinding .
Suitable Material: BOPP, COPP, PET, PVC, Nylon etc. plastic laminated film, multiple-layer extruding film, aluminum foil laminated film, pure Al foil laminated film.
Max. Speed: 180cut/min.
Max. unwinding line Speed: 45/min. (depending on material itself)
Bag-making size: length: 400mm, if it is longer than 400mm, it must multiply to finish. ( max. times: 6)       Max. width: 600mm
Max. Dimensions of rolling material:1220mm X 800mm width X dia. (diameter 3")
Quantity of Heating Sealing Knives: Vertical sealing adopts 5 units with heating up and down, cooling up and down. Horizontal sealing adopts 5 units heating up and down, 2 units with cooling up and down. 1 group Use ultrasonic to deal with the zipper
Qty of Temperature Electric Heating: 22 pcs.
Power of the Whole Machine: 60KW (the actual power when operating motor, is 45 KW, when keeping temperature, its power is 15 KW.)
Overall Dimensions: 15000 x 2800 x 1932mm (L X W X H)
Net Weight of the Whole Machine: 7000 kg.

II. Equipment configurations and its related Parameters
1. unwinding Device
a) Structure Form: Horizontal station (It is composed of magnetic powder braker, cylinder, pendulum roller, inverter, motor, traction roller sensor as well as control system).
b) unwinding Shaft: air shaft with pneumatic locking device.
2. unwinding Tension
a) Control Mechanism: It is mainly composed of computer control, magnetic powder cluth, inverter and AC motor sensor as well as rotating coder, cylinder opposite pendulum roller consisting of compound constant tension system.
b) Adjusting Drive: PID adjusting PWM drive.
c) inspecting Method: sensor and rotating coder inspect.
3. Opposite Side
Structure: it can adjust the rubber roller's center, dual-direction rotating adjustment structure.
Form: Manual Adjustment (Adjusting handwheel).   
5. Vertical Sealing Device
Structure: Combined bridge beam structure
Drive: Main motor drive power rod.
Transmission: Eccentric mechanism combined rod with vertical movement
Qty: 5 units
Length: Heating knife: 800mm, cold knife: 400mm
6. Horizontal Sealing Device
Structure: Large beam cushion block ironing press structure
Drive: Main motor drive power rod.
Transmission: Eccentric mechanism combined rod with vertical movement.
Qty: 4 units cooling 2 units ,ultrasonic dealing machine 1 unit
Length: 640mm
7. Film Traction 
Structure: Pneumatic rubber roller press friction style. 
Drive: Digital AC servo system (Imported from Japan 1.5KW 1pcs,1kw 2 pcs 2000r/m. panassonic Servo Motor)
Transmission: M Model synchronous belt transmission, its speed ratio: 1:2.4
Control Form: Computer concentrates control.
inspecting Method: Photoelectric sensor with proximity switch comprehensive control.
8. Middle Tension
Structure: air Pressure or floating tension roller structure.
Control Form: Computer concentrates control and active movement compensates.
inspecting Method: no touching dot proximity switch.
Tension Adjusting Scope of the Floating Roller: 0~0.6Mpa, pressure traction motor compensating scope: 1~10mm (It is set by computer and is automatically compensated.)
9. Main Transmission Device
Structure: Four-connecting rod structure
Drive: 3KW inverter drives 3.7KW three-phrase asynchronous motor. 
Transmission: Main transmission motor with 1:13 reducing speed machine.
Control Form: computer central control
Moving method: Main motor transfer the frame moving up and down vertically.
10. Automatic fix position Device
Way: (1) It is automatically set length by computer: accuracy: ≤0.5mm
(2) Reflection photoelectric sensor tracking inspecting:  accuracy ≤0.5mm
Photoelectric Searching Scope: 0~10mm (It can be set by computer, automatically searching)
Error Correcting Compensating Scope: ±1~±5mm  
Fix position Correcting Way: Photoelectric servo motor coder feedbacks computer control.
11. Temperature Control Device
Testing Method: Thermocouple inspecting K model
Control Method: Computer concentrates control. Solid-state relay drives PID adjusting. 
Temperature Set Scope: 0~300ºC 
Temperature Testing Spot: Middle section of electric heating block.
12. Cutter
Structure: Upper Cutter plus Adjusting Device plus Fixed Down Cutter
Form: Guide Rod Beeline Bearing pneumatic-cap Cutting Method
Transmission: Use the Eccentric Shaft Drive
Adjustment: Horizontal Movement. Pulling handle can adjust cutting angle.
13. waste winding machine  Device
Structure Form: Horizontal round shaft winding structure
Drive: AC motor
Control: sensor
15. Punching Device
Punching mould : round punch,easy tearing hole,(round angle punching 1 set ,handle punching  1 piece )
Control Form: Computer concentrates control.
Drive: Electric switch drives electromagnetic valve (DC24V).
Punching Seat: Guide rail supports arching seat by manually horizontally micro-adjusting structure.
Adjusting Quantity: ±12mm
Cylinder: Pneumatic control.
Die: Prism hole or circle hole
Qty: Four units
16. Multiple Feeding Device
Structure: Pneumatic cushion block asynchronous isolation type.
Control Form: Computer concentrates control.
Drive: Electric switch drives electromagnetic valve (DC24V DC).
Acting Method: Seven-unit horizontal sealing asynchronous action.
Times of Multiple Feeding: From two to six multiple feeding (It can be set by computer.)
17. Automatic Conveying Device
Structure: O-shaped horizontal station.
Drive: Solid-state relay drive, gear reducing speed single-phrase motor.
Transmission: bevel gear transmission.
Conveying Distance and Conveying Qty: It can be freely set by computer.
Control Form: Computer concentrates control.