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Bag Making Machine, Welcome you visit us in INDONESIA, 11. 16-19, 2016

JDM600-LSJZ High-speed Three Side Seal, Stand Up Pouch (Bottom Feeding), Single-web Stand Up Pouch (Bottom Gusset ), Zipper Seal, Accumulator System Bag Making Machine

#  Machine body - Interlocking Structure, Line speed 45m/min

#  Machine Shell -  304 stainless steel

# Machine weight - 9000KGS

# Bags made by the bag making machine JDM600-LSJZ

  1. 3 side seal bag;

  2. stand up pouch(bottom feeding);

  3. 3 side seal with zipper bags;

  4. stand up pouch with zipper bags(bottom feeding);

  5. single-web stand up pouch(bottom gusset);

  6. single-web stand up pouch with zipper bags(bottom gusset)